CVS Youth Center-Kok Kleang to Build in January 2012

                               The Kouk Khleang Youth Center Project

              The drawings presented in this booklet show the preliminary design of the youth center for CambodianVolunteers for Society (CVS) and Khmer Kamputchea Krom for Human Rights and Development Association(KKKHRDA) .CVS is a Cambodian nongovernmental organization working with the youth in poor urban communities in Phnom Penh. Their mission is to provide opportunities for the Cambodian youth to learn, get experience,and unlock their potentials in order to make positive contributions to the development of the Cambodian society. Youth representatives from different communities meet once a month to discuss common issues and find ways to take action together. There is a deep need for a common space for the meetings and for educational and recreational purposes. After the building is completed CVS and KKKHRDA will run the activities in the youth centre.

The first design was created during an Aalto University course during spring 2010. After the course Komitu architectural group was founded in order to further develop the design and realise the project in collaboration with CVS and KKKHRDA. Komitu’s work aims at social, cultural and ecological sustainability.The project follows the principles of participatory design. Through workshops the future users of the building that is the youth from Phnom Penh area and the community members from Kouk Kleang have participated in the design process giving us invaluable information on their needs for the center, the local social conditions and their aesthetic preferences for the architecture. By bringing the users into the project early on we aim at creating a sense of ownership of the building and empowerment through participation.
                           The youth center will be built with natural low carbon materials, such as bamboo and compressed earth blocks. Rain water harvesting and solar collectors will be applied in the building. During the project we aim at promoting environmentally sustainable building practices and further developing the use of ecological materials suitable for the Cambodian culture and climate.We hope to create architecture that is in harmony with the local culture and nature while offering new opportunities for the Cambodian Youth.

Download links – CVS Youth Center 2012 PDF

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