CVS’s main role is to provide direct support to young graduate students and community youths in order to enable them to make useful contribution to community development. Within this main role, CVS may also play the roles in linking communities to specialized institutions to help fulfill their needs, cooperating with partners and relevant institutions, and proving micro project budget to facilitating community activities and support youth learning.

CVS approach start with identifying the community needs within its defined program areas (see below), then recruit and support young graduate and community youths to respond to those needs.The approach will enable youths to use their full potentials to contribute to community development while enhancing their professional experience and attitudes. Volunteerism is the main mechanism that underlies CVS approach. In order to implement its approach successfully, CVS will look for relevant actors (NGOs, relevant and specialized institutions, commune councils etc.) in the target communities, and cooperate and link with them to address the common issues of the communities. CVS approach can be illustrated in the below diagram:



Graduate youths volunteering at CVS will have made useful contributions and commitment to communities while gaining work experience for their future professional career.

Major Activities:

• Recruit graduate students to be volunteers 

• Define prioritized working areas in communities in consultation with partners

• Support their learning process (training, study tours, exchange, coaching, workshop, sharing,  reflection, forum etc.; please refer to designed program) 

• Place volunteers directly to communities based on the identified community needs and within the defined scope of CVS working areas. 

• Cooperate with partners or specialized institutions to support volunteer’s activities in the  communities. 

• Support volunteers to implement small scale activities in communities

• Support volunteers after service (career, alumni etc.) 


Youths in communities have more awareness of their identity, shared values, local resources, ownership and commitment to make contributions to their own communities.

Major Activities:

• Assist community youths to reflect on their practice, build assertiveness , encourage solidarity,        volunteerism, and join efforts in their communities. 

• Mobilize youths in the communities to meet regularly (monthly) to build awareness of their communities (identity,shared values, local resources etc.)

• Encourage community youths to make their voluntary contributions to their communities.

• Support learning process for community youths in addressing issues in communities.


Volunteerism in Cambodia will have been well understood, recognized, valued by CVS target groups and stakeholders.

Major Activities:

• Participate in network to organize volunteer events.

• Disseminate information to raise awareness about volunteerism (newsletter, volunteer books, reports,leaflets, and other publicity materials.

• Encourage volunteering activities in communities.

• Conduct seminar, workshop, forum about volunteerism.

• Conduct small research about volunteerism and present to the public.

• Coordinate local organizations working on youth issues to participate in Mekong sub-regional youth network to share, learn, and promote volunteerism.

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